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Light Technology Alibaba Cross-border Trade March New Trade Festival Battle Report

From:sh Submit Time:2020-3-27 16:57:57

Our slogan: Paving the road with a single amount, getting rich by the amount.

Achievements: Currently, the results are impressive. 45 new guarantee orders were added, and Alibaba's Star Ratings rose from one star to three star.

March New Trade Festival "is a grand event of Alibaba International Station's trading and services for global small and medium enterprises.
It is also a carnival for practitioners of global cross-border trade. The New Trade Festival opens on the first Monday of March each year.
Under the "new foreign trade" trend, the "New Trade Festival" will become a platform for SMEs worldwide to showcase their strengths, latest products and services.
Alibaba will open up core resources inside and outside the group, and even global logistics, finance, and technology, provide various convenient, efficient and interconnected Class B services for SMEs.



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