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Ultraviolet sterilization lamp: multi-scenario application raises "ultraviolet sterilization tide"

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 With the development of the new coronavirus epidemic, the UV germicidal lamps and other related products that have been silently shining . And in the minds of consumers, it have become the "top flow artifact" in the minds of ordinary consumers. It develop as Sterilization tide.In fact, UV germicidal lamps have been widely used in hospitals, public transportation, schools, offices and factories, etc. The UV germicidal lamp protects everyone's safety and health.

In hospitals, ultraviolet germicidal lamps has been used for sterilize air for decades. The proportion of inpatients affected by nosocomial infections is about 10%. There is increasing evidence show that, more than 20% of these infections are airborne. Ultraviolet germicidal lamps can inactivate the surface of objects and air, and is helpful to create a safer indoor environment. With the large-scale resumption of work, how can public transportation ensure safety?

Recently, buses have also begun to try new methods of epidemic prevention-the introduction of ultraviolet anti-virus. At night, all buses operating during the day are fully disinfected "from the inside out."

According to relevant regulations, primary and secondary schools must carry out preventive disinfection on the surface of objects before the school starts. After the school starts, the surface of the object must be cleaned and disinfected. It should be noted that the ultraviolet sterilization lamp must be used indoors without people. The classroom is closed during disinfection, and non-sterile personnel are prohibited from entering. At the same time, it is possible to carry out sanitation and disinfection under the premise that the special person is in charge and the student is not in school by being equipped with a mobile ultraviolet sterilization lamp.

The air we breathe in the office is usually very dirty.This air is usually recirculated with bacteria, viruses, pollen and toxic gases. The current epidemic situation requires more attention to the health and safety after resuming work. Closed spaces such as offices, factories, workshops, canteens, and even elevators are high-risk places for infection.

In addition to using alcohol to wipe and spray disinfection with chlorine disinfectant,After work, using ultraviolet sterilization lamp to carry out long-term non-interval sterilization, and it truly achieve comprehensive sterilization without dead ends.A healthy working environment can create efficient office efficiency.

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